Our Story

  • The shred series “Tow Up Throw Down” is coming up on their 5th season, taking it to the slopes and providing a jam format competition on all the best tow rope equipped terrain parks in the midwest. The series entertains riders from snowboarding and skiing.
  • TUTD dates back to the first competition, hosted at Elm Creek on December 21, 2013. Beginning with the support of The UMD Snowboard Club, Three Rivers Park Reserve, Trolllhaugen, and Mont Du Lac, the series made its rounds the past four years on some of the most respected terrain parks in the region.


  • We look for originality. Many competitions are judged solely off of following a particular format. Whether your technical, a heavy hitter, or can’t find a name for your style, we encourage it all.
  • Our classes include:
    • 15-
    • 16+
    • Women
    • Open
    • Advanced Ski
    • Intermediate Ski


  • 3 judges throughout the park using a tally system on a scale of 1-3


  • Open jam format throughout entire park. 3 separate sections will be judged for a total of 20 minutes